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Sawt Beirut International news bulletin, May 21, 2022

Country’s situation unstable!

Five hours from now, the new four-year term of the House of Representatives begins. Many challenges await the elected council, especially since the country is on the palm of an imp, rather on the palm of two! On one hand, Hezbollah’s weaponry and its daily threat to civil peace are demonizing, in addition to its attack on the sovereignty of the state. On the other hand, there is the impasse of the precarious socio-economic situation, which is now threatening an imminent popular explosion.

Does the new majority, made up of sovereigns and changers, have a single, unified view of these two problems? Assuming that there is only one vision, is it possible for the two mentioned forces to embody their vision with a practical plan, even if it is temporary? So far, the answer to these two questions is difficult.

The parliamentary sovereign and change forces have not yet caught their breath, and therefore we have to wait for some time, knowing that time is coming. In the information, the forces that revolve in the orbit of opposition have returned to the policy of deals and combinations. The last deal presented for discussion is an integrated one based on bringing Nabih Berri as Speaker of Parliament in exchange for Elias Bou Saab as Deputy Speaker of Parliament, with consensus in one basket on the names of the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic.

Thus, it seems that the parliamentary bloc affiliated with the opposition forces did not learn anything from what happened. She believes that she still has the majority and that she can do whatever she wants and whenever she wants. Will the sovereign and change forces move before it is too late?

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