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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin, May 30, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Berri activates the last initiative, and Hariri seems unable to form a government
  • Amid the drastic drop in purchasing power, a revolution looms again
  • Traffic signs in Lebanon are similar to the political vestibules, only clever can get through

Does Saad Hariri really want to form a government, or he only want to gain time until the situation changes? Whoever observes Hariri’s political performance concludes that he is in a critical situation. On the one hand, he have the desire to return to the Grand Serail for thousands of reasons, but in reality he is unable to do so. There are several reasons behind his impotence, mainly his bad relationship with the President of the Republic.

Hariri knows very well that dealing with Michel Aoun is not easy at all, especially when there is an agreement with him, but how if Aoun considers that Hariri was assigned to form the government against his will. In addition to that, Hariri’s relation with his previous allies Walid Jumblatt and Samir Geagea is getting worse, as a result of several accumulations, which means that If Hariri arrives the Serail, he will become a hostage of the Shiite duet.

This is the situation internally, but unfortunately the situation abroad is not better. Hariri will not be able to face Saudi’s refusal and support for him, even France was not able to soften the Saudi stances. Hariri’s undesirable performance and his rejection to the French proposals regarding the formation process has deteriorated his relationship with Paris. The latter was previously the main supporter for Hariri, but it is now criticizing his performance for his failure in forming a government, considering him similar to Gebran Bassil.

There is additional reason banning Hariri from working seriously to form a government, attributed to the economic and social situation, which requires constructive and unpopular decisions from the new government to rebound the collapsed economy.

After mentioning all these reasons, will questions related to Hariri’s abroad long trips arise again? Can any anyone ask why he is not putting efforts to form a government? As a conclusion Hariri have the will to form a government but unable to do it, so does he deserve this responsibility?

  • Sawt Beirut International