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Sawt Beirut International News Bulletin – May 4, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Will Hariri apologize for the delay in government formation in the event that Le Drian breaks political deadlock?
  • Diab proposes a ration card for the poorest families, a card funded by the depositors’ reserve.
  • Commodity prices on fire due to subsidies’ removal, citizens are not able to afford fuel and medicines anymore.

Secrets are being revealed. Bayt Al Wasat sources confirmed that Prime Minister Hariri is not willing to apologize for the delay in government formation. Today, the situation is at a turning point. The Future Movement leaks confirms that Hariri is considering all possibilities.

In this respect, the Deputy Head of the Future Movement, Mustafa Alloush, revealed, for the first time ever, that Hariri’s apology is now possible in the event that Le Drian’s visit did not break the government’s deadlock. Will Hariri act differently now? In other words, will Hariri rise up against everyone? Will we watch the internal political scene turning upside down, to finally reach a successful government formation?

Economically and financially, some facts are not yet clear. The resigned Prime Minister can’t make a decision, and does not know which right to settle. He is not able to remove subsidies before ensuring that the ration card was approved. At the same time, the Governor of BDL is strongly opposing to subsidies in order to avoid touching the mandatory reserve. However, is there any solution available for this infernal equation, or will we end up in that President Aoun promised us as long as neither government nor the original executive authority bears responsibility for the difficult and deteriorating situation?

Simultaneously, the families of the victims of the August 4 explosion are resorting again to the streets. For nine months, they have been waiting, but the truth has not yet emerged and till present, no criminal was arrested. Will the truth be obliterated under Beirut’s port ruins, and the victims of that dreadful day die a second time?

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