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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin, Monday May 10, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • How will the Central Capital Control Survivor Deposit Facility work?
  • Justice was done with Ella, the hospitals objected and stopped receiving patients
  • A third death paralyzed the Constitutional Council, and the first victim is stabbing the electricity loan

Will Hariri apologize or not, is the most pressing question in political circles. The question is legitimate for two reasons, the first is because the French initiative has ended, knowing that it formed the basis for Hariri’s return to the Serail, and on the basis of forming a government of independent specialists. The second reason for the urgent question is information circulated by people close to the Beit Al-Wasat, which includes confirmation that Hariri is seriously considering an apology after he collided with the dead end.

Today, the issue of apology does not seem settled. Hariri, it seems, decided not to give a free gift to the President of the Republic and to his son-in-law, he also decided to launch with his allies a counter-attack on the Covenant and the “Free Patriotic Movement”, and he insists, to those close to him, that he will apologize according to his timing and when he finds that the situation has imposed that. Based on this fact, we can understand the reason behind the harsh criticism that MP Ali Hassan Khalil directed in the name of the “Amal Movement” to the Covenant and to the “Free Patriotic Movement” by criticizing the electricity situation and The President refusal to sign the judicial formations and other vital decrees, including Calling for by-elections. “Amal”, an ally of Hariri, wants to consolidate its political position by correcting its main opponent: FPM.

So, small political battles are returning, while the formation of the government is back to waiting. As socio-economic crises knock the doors, and the most prominent of all today is the gasoline crisis as gas stations witnessed a traffic jam that reminded about the Lebanese war, the matter reached a number of stations to raise their hoses and lock them until further notice. Is it permissible, thirty years after the end of the war, that its spectrum still exists? Meanwhile, hospitals have stopped receiving patients in their various departments from today until Saturday to object to the ruling in the case of Ella Tannous, are hospital establishments entitled to suspend their activities except for what is necessary, in protest against a court ruling? Has justice in Lebanon become just a point of view?

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