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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin, Tuesday May 11, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Social explosion is approaching, and the economic crisis breaks the red lines
  • The blocking third is again disrupting the government formation, and the European Union prepares imposing sanctions
  • Revolutionaries are unifying themselves to run the parliamentary elections. Will they succeed?

There are a lot of analysis, but there is one fact only. The country is eroding and on its way to collapse. Many parties may be responsible of this situation, but in reality the main accused party is “Hezbollah”, which is behind this socio-economic crisis.

Hezbollah has canceled the state’s role in setting foreign, security and military policies. It also interfered in the Arab countries’ affair, and sent its forces in all directions, from Syria to Yemen. This has pushed the Arab governments that were previously supportive to punish Lebanon. From this point, the problem arises, however it could be the beginning of the solution.

As long as “Hezbollah” is the decision maker of the political and foreign affairs, and is setting military and security strategies, then there is no hope of extracting Lebanon from its crisis. “Hezbollah” is currently watching the country’s collapse without feeling guilty. This is because, the party is securing funds from different sources which is making it capable of surviving economically, protecting its partisans, and avoiding collapse.

On the other hand, other political parties are watching the country collapsing without taking any step forward to save it. These parties are divided and dispersed, instead of forming a strong bloc to confront “Hezbollah”. They even don’t have any common future vision, and a practical plan to convert this vision into reality.

Even the main and influential political parties have lost their goal. For instance, the “Future Movement”, is wasting its time and efforts on fighting the “Free Patriotic Movement”, while it should be focusing with its allies on combating Hezbollah’s danger.  The real danger comes from Hezbollah and not from its ally. Does the Leader of the “Future Movement” ignore this fact? Or is he aware of this fact but he wants to preserve it as “Hezbollah” has become his strongest ally?


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