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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin, Wednesday May 12, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Financial sanctions against Hezbollah target Qard Hassan and the banking sector
  • Continued exchange of bombing between Gaza and Israel, and fear of an extension of tension to Lebanon
  • A meltdown rears its head and warning of high rates of violence and crime

The failed, corrupt system does not and will not change. It brought disasters to Lebanon and it will not stop. The European Union has imposed sanctions on Lebanese officials and is looking at mechanisms to launch it. In parallel, France has taken decisive measures to prevent Lebanese figures involved in corruption and obstructing the political process from entering its territory.

In the Arab world, most of the Arab countries, especially the Gulf ones, lost hope in the Lebanese officials after they discovered their truth. It continues to impose its embargo on goods exported from Lebanon, after Hezbollah turned the Lebanese ports to a platform for exporting all kinds of drugs.

And last but not least, America imposed sanctions yesterday on seven Lebanese people linked to Hezbollah and its bank, Al-Qard Al-Hassan, and confirmed, in a statement, that Hezbollah’s actions show its lack of indifference to financial stability, transparency and accountability in Lebanon.

Facing all these dangerous and fateful matters, what did the officials do? Nothing, and how do they do something, and the accused in all cases is “Hezbollah”, which led them to what they are now, protected and strengthened them with the sole intention for forming a shield to keep himself from being held accountable by the outside.

All those in this authority today are complicit with “Hezbollah”, starting with the top of the pyramid, up to the last official. More than that, senior officials do not dare to discuss a matter related to “Hezbollah”, and the negative evidence is the statement issued by the Central Bank Liban, and it says that the President of the Republic and the Governor of the Central Bank did not discuss the issue of “Al-Qard Al-Hasan”. Doesn’t this quick denial confirm that the governors of the state have become hostages to the Hezbollah, so how can hostages liberate the homeland and its people?

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