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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – April 23, 2021

In tonight’s news bulletin:
• Al-Kard al-Hasan case in front of Judge Aoun. What are the organization’s trespasses in form and content?
• Warning of security threats. Will Hezbollah use the lifting of subsidies as an excuse to execute its agenda?
• Will Locusts destroy everything green same as during World War I?
• Once again, Maronite Patriarch Mar Beshara Boutros Rai sets the political and national compass and aims straight at the essence of the problem, a week after a rabid media frenzy after Ghada Aoun’s mutiny and its theatrical invasion of Mkattaf’s firm. In a TV appearance, the head of the Maronite church was very clear and firm in aiming directly at Hezbollah , describing the entity as an Iranian military force in Lebanon tasked with fighting Israel. Rai asked Hezbollah leaders why fight Israel from Lebanon?
• Rai’s stance is clear and bears no interpretations, for it cements the fact that Hezbollah’s agenda is an Iranian and not a Lebanese one, and that what the party is doing serves regional political interests that are far from Lebanon’s benefit. Are there any political factions that dare standing by Rai’s courageous position? Dare they call things by their names just as he did in order to rescue Lebanon from its turmoil? Isn’t identifying and addressing the problem the beginning of a path towards the resolution of the Lebanese crisis? Meanwhile, the ruling elite continue hammering down state institutions, a policy that eventually serves Hezbollah. The weaker the state, the stronger the militia. The worst the state economy gets, the better Hezbollah’s parallel economy becomes. The weaker the Lebanese society’s immunity is, the better position Hezbollah assumes in its community.
• Will the sovereign political factions finally wake up from its state of hibernation and go back to the roots of the major war in Lebanon or will they keep busy in small power sharing battles that threaten the full collapse of the state?

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