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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Aug. 20, 2021

A brief of tonight’s news bulletin:

  • Will Hezbollah turn Lebanon become the Titanic of the Century?
  • Who is it that humiliates Lebanese citizens in front of the stations?
  • The upcoming academic year slithering gradually towards death

Is this a Parliament session, or a farce? Conclusions are usually drawn in the end. In today’s session, we may infer that the UNESCO Council has lost its ability to come up to a decision. What was the outcome of Parliament meeting on an extraordinary basis and in an exceptional scenario to examine the President of the Republic’s message on a very exceptional matter relating to subsidies’ halting? A less-than-usual suggestion calls for fast acceptance of the financing card, the pro-monopoly market liberalization, and the formation of a government. Is there a feasible way to reduce the parliamentary deficit?

On the other hand, the decision’s substance is not novel, but who is going to put it into action? We’ve been hearing for a year that the financing card has been approved, but reality has been ruled by never-ending procrastination, and the card has remained an empty promise. Furthermore, the system is fighting over gains and is stifling over everything. All Parliament’s members are pretending to act for the best interest of Lebanese people, holding other parties accountable for the crises hitting Lebanon day by day. The most prominent, yet eloquent speech was delivered by the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Gebran Bassil, who presented, in a long speech, an integrated plan to overcome the economic impasse and address financial waste.

Mr. Basil, where were you and your allies, including those with whom you are currently at conflict, while you were in power? Where were your reform proposals when you reached an agreement with the Future Movement? We are all well-aware that you took control of everything for three years. Because you and the Future Movement shared everything, even the mandatory reserve. And then, upon the arrival of the revolution, you disagreed! Mr. Bassil, your claims of transparency, utopia, and honesty will serve you no use, shedding crocodile tears no longer suits you! You’ll never persuade people that the answer is in your hands because you’ve played a big role to pushing us into the nightmare we’re suffering from!

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