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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin, Aug. 26, 2021

A brief of today’s news bulletin:

  • Funds from IMF vanished before being disbursed
  • Hamad Hassan’s invasions to pharmaceutical warehouses are raids or plays?
  • The country which is rich in water is threatened with thirst

What a pity this authority is, and the entire officials as well. The main cause of this disgrace stems from two issues: First is that the corrupt officials have wasted more than a year of the nation and citizens’ life to form a government. This year, something happened that had never happened in Lebanon’s history. As a result of the destruction of the port of Beirut, almost everything was devastated. All economic sectors are complaining, and suffering from the catastrophic situation, starting from the healthcare sector, reaching the retail and tourism sectors, as well as the education sector. This collapse has been reflected deterioration in the value of the national currency, and the purchasing power of the citizens.

What did officials do to stop this collapse? The answers is nothing, but rather they continued their absurd disputes, and drove the country to their petty battles that did not bring any effective results.

The government was not formed because each of the parties insists on his stances and positions, claiming that he is preserving the rights of his sect. But no one asked about the human rights in Lebanon. How will the Lebanese benefit from these rights, while they are deprived of the minimum necessities of life?

The second cause of disgrace is that if the government is formed, it will not be managed according to the will of the Lebanese, but rather the will of the regional and international countries, and even regional and international pressure. All of us are aware about the pressure imposed on officials to form a government that will save the country.

Does an authority that behaves in this way deserve to remain in power? Isn’t it shameful that all countries are keen about our interests more than our officials! Once again, shame on you, and more than that shame on us, if we do not uproot these officials in the coming Parliamentary elections, so we will rescue the country from their corruption and evil!!

Will voters respond?

  • Sawt Beirut International