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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Aug. 7, 2021

A brief of tonight’s news bulletin:

  • The launch of Iranian medicine in Lebanon and its distribution is awaiting “Hezbollah’s” approval.
  • The Strong Covenant has proven that it is the champion of missing opportunities and upsetting Lebanon’s relationship with its Arab neighbors.
  • Within days, the failed authority will pay Alvarez the penalty clause and sign a new contract for the forensic audit.

Are yesterday’s tensions in the south just a series of messages that Israel and Iran (through Hezbollah) are trying to send each other? Or that we are witnessing the start of a new war from which we will never be able to escape?

War has been ruled out in principle so far, at least because both Israel and Iran do not want it. As a result, the developments from yesterday will not continue. On the contrary, things are beginning to settle down and chill down. That was in regard with the situation on the borders. The situation is different in terms of interior developments. What occurred proved the statelet’s existence. It is more powerful than the state since Hezbollah, not the Lebanese government, makes the war and peace decisions. The role of the Lebanese security forces was similar to that of UNIFIL, i.e. peaceful, with Hezbollah serving as the front’s major engine. The Lebanese officials were content with launching media positions without any executive decision; even the Supreme Defense Council didn’t convene. How can the aforementioned council meet to discuss items unrelated to defense, such as COVID-19, the Lebanese Pound exchange rate, and so on, while remaining silent on “defense” problems that lie under its competence?

We do, in fact, live in a jungle. But the most notable development from yesterday was the residents of Chouaiya protesting against Hezbollah’s use of their lands as a platform. This is a new phenomenon in Lebanon. Will the officials finally wake up and act, just like people?

At last but not least, no news regarding the cabinet formation process. Mikati won’t be visiting Baabda Palace before next week. Is it possible that Mikati is losing hope by slowing down regular visits to Baabda? The crucial issue is that Mikati does not hesitate in apologizing if he realizes that the formation responsibility became impossible, because the country cannot afford to live Hariri’s experience all over again, just as it cannot afford to wait another nine months in a life-threatening crisis.

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