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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Dec. 18, 2021

Who will rescue us from the so-called “Rescue Government”?!

Najib Mikati’s government, the so-called “Rescue Government”, was formed on September 10th. Was the Mikati government in the first hundred days after its inception, or did its designation never convey its performance and achievements? Unfortunately, the answer is obvious and well-known. It’s enough to recall how the government that the Lebanese had been waiting for, after fifteen months of emptiness, set a new record for the speed with which it fell apart and collapsed.

It only lasted three sessions before exiting the political equation to sit on the waiting bench, rather than becoming another type of vacuum! The “pretending to save “government requires someone to save it first from itself, that is, from the Shiite duo that controls its head. If Najib Mikati had been a truly responsible leader, he would have convened a meeting of the government, and the blocking team would have assumed responsibility in front of the Lebanese, Arabs, the world… and even history.

However, Mikati was never a statesman; rather, he was a man of power and authority. He’s currently examining the post-parliamentary election period, and he wants the Sunni figure to be the most likely to return to the Serail. Do we expect him to adopt a responsible and brave stance based on these accounts? Certainly not. As a result, his regime was overthrown quickly and dramatically. Hence, continuing to refer to it as the Salvation Government is deceptive and defamatory.

So, instead of more oppression, irritation, and poverty, this rescue government ended up offering the Lebanese more oppression, frustration, and poverty. Which rescue government aggravated and complicated the country’s problems rather than solving them? Which rescue government hasn’t accomplished something noteworthy in the first hundred days of its term? Can anyone save us from you, Salvation Government, before it’s too late?

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