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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Feb.1, 2022

Why the ‘Orange’ and ‘Yellow’ Parties don’t want elections?

What was said behind the scenes has turned out to be a reality that does not accept any kind of camouflage. The Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) and Hezbollah decided to burst the Parliamentary Elections from within. But how? By overthrowing the electoral law again, and emptying the expatriate’s vote of its practicality. Therefore, preventing them from voting in their electoral districts, and creating an independent district for them.

Yes, it is a crime not only against the Parliamentary Elections, but also against the constitution and laws. Since the Parliament approved the election law, the FPM has tried to circumvent it, so it went to the Constitutional Council, confronting it and calling for the creation of a special department for expatriates. What was the result? The highest judicial body in Lebanon responded to the FPM’s appeal, so the election law followed its legal path, and was published in the Official Gazette, and political forces started preparing their machines for parliamentary elections.

What happened so that the FPM returned to its old tone again? Why does Hezbollah support the movement in this field? The reason is simple. FPM and Hezbollah want to secure the majority in the upcoming Parliamentary Elections, and they realize that such a matter is impossible in light of the expatriates voting in their original constituencies. From here the decision was to overthrow the electoral law, no matter the cost, even at the expense of the rights of expatriates, democracy, and free decision.

Is such behavior acceptable? Is it permissible for the ‘Orange’ movement and the ‘Yellow Party’ to violate everything in order to secure the required majority?

In this context, what will President Nabih Berri’s stance be? Will he accept to turn the parliament into a puppet in the hands of his ally? The question will be answered in the next few days. But, at the end, if what was planned is done, the idiom “Only the shy die” will be a reality.

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