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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Feb. 10, 2022

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Compromise on Disputed Lines and Maritime Demarcation Soon
Hezbollah and the Aounists’ attempt to undermine the elections.. what’s behind the scenes
Martyr Prime Minister Rafic Hariri a cross-sectarian and a symbol of moderation

Numbers are always more accurate than words. The word, no matter how right it is, can sometimes be ambiguous, but numbers present the ultimate truth. And the latest shocking numbers are related to immigration. According to International Information, the number of Lebanese immigrants in the year 2021 reached 79,134, compared to 17,721 in 2020, an increase of 61,413 persons, or 346 percent. Of course, the number is unprecedented, as it is the largest in decades, and indicates the extent of the Lebanese suffering. So, who brought the country to this point? The whole system is responsible in general. And the system is not limited to politicians, leaders and officials, but includes many sectors, including the banking sector. Can anyone deny that the aforementioned sector was a partner of political officials in striking social security, by striking the rights of depositors? But the real problem is not here, but in the era of Michel Aoun, and in Aoun’s biggest supporter, that is, Hezbollah. Aoun dragged the country to expensive, even deadly, options, and as Hezbollah brought him to power, he had to return the favor…how? By fully and completely submitting to the Yellow Party’s strategy, goals and plans. This is how the Lebanese decision was absent or forced to disappear, in favor of the Iranian decision. Thus, the Lebanese state fell or was brought down from within, in the interest of the Islamic Republic of Iran. So, in light of this situation, is it strange that the Lebanese emigrate? Societies progress, and people want to build a country that achieves their well-being and enhances their humanity, not a country that offers them nothing but blackness and the promise of death. The Lebanese in the twenty-first century want to be the children of the future, not the children of the past. That is why they migrate. Will the strong covenant and the strong Party, realize this fact, before the country collapse on everyone’s heads?

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