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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Feb. 15, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • The Lebanese are divided over the vaccine, so is there any reason to be afraid of it?
  • Harbor investigations, to where and when do the protections fall on the big politicians involved?
  • The electricity dilemma, billions were wasted from the Lebanese people money and yet Lebanon is off

Is what we are watching a serious attempt to form a government or an endless skit? A question that may seem harsh, but it is justified and legitimate. The social and economic crisis is suffocating, the financial collapse is knocking on the doors, and the pandemic is harvesting new lives every day. On the other hand, the unofficials, behave with a remarkable childishness. They are young, having fun and chatting, maneuvering and turning around, playing and manipulating, while the people depict hunger or immigration, and the homeland is depicted as mortgage.

Yesterday, Saad Hariri revealed a paper in which he said that Michel Aoun had handed him over in the second meeting between them. Apart from who is honest and who is the liar, there’s an important question: Is this a dialogue between a president of the republic and a designated prime minister who is supposed to go to deal with the affairs of a country on the verge of collapse?!

Do polemics and quarrels build a country? Do data and counter data feed people? The French leader, Charles de Gaulle, used to say, “I have reached a conclusion which is that politics is a matter far more dangerous than leaving it to politicians.” If de Gaulle had lived to our time, he would have advised his successor, Macron, not to waste his time with Lebanon’s politicians, because they are not entrusted with even the smallest of matters, so how can they be entrusted with a whole country?!

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