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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Feb. 16, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Who is the first Lebanese doctor who received the vaccine against the Corona pandemic in Lebanon?
  • Medicines are missing from pharmacies while available on the black market, so dear Lebanese, beware of the disease
  • Is the forensic audit of Banque du Liban accounts sufficient, and what about the rampant corruption in the ministries?

It is the total uncreative chaos. With this phrase, the Lebanese situation can be shortened. The French initiative is countered by a renewed Russian push to achieve a breach in the government file. And between the broken initiative and the easy rush, the internal positions are the same, and the Byzantine debate remains the same, but not on the gender of the angels this time, but on the gender and number of ministers and how they are chosen. Where do the irresponsible officials come from with this ability to not hear the voice of the people?

Meanwhile, the balck market dollar continues to rise breaking the 8900-pound. COVID vaccination continues, while many drugs are running out of the market. Are we facing a health collapse that will follow the economic, social, political and educational collapse, or do the people of the Republic have a cure for the lack of medicine?

Before entering into the details of the bulletin, we refer to a humanitarian gesture by Sheikh Bahaa El-Din Rafic Hariri. The Lebanese American University announced through its account on “Twitter” that the national campaign it launched received the first donation of one million dollars from Sheikh Bahaa El-Din Rafic Hariri. The university administration thanked Mr. Bahaa Hariri for this great donation, “which comes at the right time to support this national campaign, adding that this donation will meet about 40 percent of our needs.”

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