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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Feb. 17, 2021

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  • Fuel prices are rising, and the owners of the sector expect the worst
  • Official exams or no exams?! What is happening in the Ministry of Education?
  • The storm Joyce turns mountains into white and stays till the end of the week

We understand that Hassan Nasrallah is against the principle of internationalizing the Lebanese crisis. This is his right, and we understand that internationalization is considered harmful to Lebanon, so this is his reading. But what we do not understand in his speech yesterday is how he considers any project of internationalization a project of war. Where did Nasrallah come from with this unprecedented theory, and by what logic can the concept of internationalization be linked to war?

In the whole world, when a country is unable to solve an internal problem or a complex problem with its neighbors, it turns to the United Nations. Nasrallah sees internationalization against national sovereignty and considers it an entry point for a new occupation. No, Nasrallah, the United Nations does not occupy countries and does not interfere except to solve the problems of countries. Are the United Nations forces in the south occupying forces? Didn’t Hezbollah welcome Resolution 1701 which led to the deployment of international forces in the south? The occupation is achieved between state to state, as well as guardianship and the desire to control the decision, which is what is happening today between Lebanon and Iran through Hezbollah. Iran is the one that drags Lebanon into the axis of resistance, which is financially bankrupt, economically powerless, diplomatically besieged, and politically devoid of horizon. And it is Iran that deprives Lebanon of its distinguished historical relations with its Arab brothers, so that it has no helper or support, and Iran is the one that led Lebanon to external isolation, financial collapse, near-economic bankruptcy, and constitutional political impotence through its control of the Lebanese decision.

Therefore, the decision to internationalize is required until we get out of the cell we are in. Internationalization is not a war project but a peace project for all the Lebanese. When will you be convinced of that, Nasrallah? And when will you give up the statehood scheme to get involved in the state project?

  • Sawt Beirut International