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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Feb. 3, 2022

Did Michel Aoun lose sight of the fact that he is the President of the Republic?

Anyone who reads Michel Aoun’s latest remark will be convinced once more that this is not how the President of the Republic acts. In fact, it is not permitted for the President of the Republic to become a political party. Judgment confers prestige. The prestige is founded first and foremost on being accountable for all people, rather than competing in a team against a team.

The aforementioned principle is not observed, but rather broken in today’s interview. President Aoun is the first to criticize Riad Salameh, Governor of the Banque du Liban. It is worth noting that, despite his position’s prominence, Riad Salameh is first and foremost an employee. Is it reasonable and logical for the President of the Republic to criticize one of his “employees”? Is this the status of institutions and the rule of law? How can the rest of the world recognize our constitutional institutions if our politicians are fighting each other? Is the country being ruled by defamation and media campaigns?

Aoun’s criticism of Walid Jumblatt and Samir Geagea is another point of contention. Do you believe Aoun has forgotten that the presidency entails the president acting as an adjudicator among all Lebanese? Second, do you want it to be above their rivalries, disputes, and allegiances, as well as their political calculations?

Of course, we realize that the President of the Republic is dissatisfied, and that he is resentful of Jumblatt and Geagea’s agreement on the legislative elections. We now know that he sees it as primarily aimed at the Free Patriotic Movement, particularly in the Chouf and Aley, but also in Beirut II and the Western Bekaa.

Should the President of the Republic, on the other hand, act according to limited political calculations? Did Michel Aoun lose sight of the fact that he is the President of the Republic?, not the leader of the Free Patriotic Movement?

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