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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Feb. 7, 2022

Why does Hezbollah want to postpone the Parliamentary elections?

Talks about postponing the Parliamentary elections have moved from private conversations to the public. The media that revolves around Hezbollah’s orbit, as well as a number of politicians who belong to the so-called opposition system has begun to promote this idea. Is this spontaneous, and unplanned, or it is planned and systematic?

Anyone who knows Hezbollah can recognize that it is a strong party in every sense of the word. Strong means that everything goes according to an integrated plan set by the pillars of the Yellow Party and implemented by its friends and allies.

It is obvious that the voices of friends and allies began to rise, not to demand the postponement of the elections, as this is premature, but rather to question the ability of the elections to achieve the required change. If the elections will not change anything, then why should Hezbollah panic from it? Two reasons generate fear among the party.

The first is the weakness of its ally, the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM), among the Christian-street. Statistics and opinion polls confirm that the FPM will not hold the status of the strongest Christian party, which is harmful to Hezbollah and the movement at all levels. The second reason is that the party is afraid that a Shitte will infiltrate with one or two deputies, or that it will not achieve the same result achieved in the past elections, which it cannot accept in any way. It is noteworthy that the popular uprising has affected the Shiite public opinion, as it affected the public opinion in all sects. This is a reality that Hezbollah cannot accept.

In brief, the Resistance Party intends to postpone the elections without declaring its decision. So, Will the party succeed in striking the democratic process as it succeeded in striking most of Lebanon’s components?

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