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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Friday, July 2, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • How did the relationship between the martyred president and the Vatican become historical and unique?
  • Tripoli protests between hunger and exploitation, who is behind the destabilization of the security situation in the city?
  • Dear Lebanese, beware of disease, as the authority is moving to remove subsidies for medicine in a convincing manner

What happened yesterday in the Vatican City is neither a passing nor an ordinary event. In the figure, for the first time, all the heads of the Christian communities in Lebanon meet in the Holy City, at the invitation of the Pope. The exceptional event was that it was not limited, as usual, to the heads of the Catholic denominations, but was expanded to include the Orthodox Patriarchs and the head of the Evangelical community. This means that the Vatican meeting has a broad and complex goal and is not limited to one Lebanese group. It is the Lebanese cause in the comprehensive sense that returns to impose itself on the highest Christian authority in the world. Because the papal concern is clear and specific, the Rome meeting will not be an orphan meeting, but will likely be followed by others that will include, in a second stage, Christian political leaders.

What does this movement mean? The meaning is clear. The head of the Catholic Church, and as he appeared in his speech yesterday, has become fully aware of the Lebanese reality, as he has become sure that Lebanon needs a high-level international intervention to rid it of two corrupt leaders, and the Iranian tutelage that is gradually tightening its grip on Lebanon. The path to salvation inevitably passes through two main stations, an international conference to discuss the Lebanese issue and to neutralize Lebanon from regional and international conflicts, that is, to return to what the Patriarch Al-Rahi put forward in his sermons and positions.

Thus, after the first of July, it will not be the same as before it. Lebanon is not left to its destiny, and the path to its salvation has begun to be drawn, even if this road will not be quick or short. The important thing is that there are those who began to think of extricating us from the hell that the President of the Republic promised us and to which a corrupt political class took us. She has no vision and is only concerned with her own interests, even at the expense of the country.

The countdown has begun, and just as the Apostolic Exhortation issued in 1997 drew the first features for the Syrian exit from Lebanon in the year 2005, the July 1 meeting in the Vatican achieved the first step in getting rid of a worn-out political class and liberating from the domineering and entrenched Iranian tutelage.

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