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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Friday June 4, 2021

A brief of tonight’s news bulletin:

  • Is it likely that, following the failure of Berri’s initiative, we will form a transitional government, and if so, will it be military?
  • Judge Bitar is confident that the stage of the summons in Beirut Port Blast Case is about to be revealed; will this have an impact on important politicians and pave the way to achieve full Justice?
  • Some of the Lebanese are wealthy, while others are impoverished. What does psychology have to say about it?

After ten months of Beirut Port Blast, the entire state disintegrates and gradually devolves into a heap of ashes. What is going on is extraordinary, not only among traditional politicians and leaders, but also among top officials and a number of current ministers, some of whom are ministers by accident, as simple as that. A Minister is an egregious example of this. As the Administrative Ruler of Lebanon, he is in principle one of the most important authorities in the state, and because of this huge duty, he is expected to be a reasonable leader who is responsible for every word he says and every stance he takes. Unfortunately, Mr. Mhamad Fahmi lacks all of these attributes. In his most recent televised appearance, he cynically and dismissively insulted the Lebanese judiciary, claiming that 99% of the judges were corrupt, with the exception of the TVA.

The country whose Interior Minister speaks in this manner is humiliating, and the individuals who live under such a system are destitute. Mr. Fahmy, where is your respect for the parliamentary sovereignty? Where is the principle of authorities respecting each other and complementarity rather than rivalry, conflict, and distortion of each other’s image? Is this how populist demagoguery deals with state-related issues?

Likewise, you have portrayed the worst image of a responsible official, demonstrating that you are unfit to be in charge of a public or official institution, hoping that the term of this “Caretaker Government” would be brief so that your tenure as Minister of the Interior would be cut short, at the very least.

  • Sawt Beirut International