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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Friday May 14th, 2021

A brief of today’s news bulletin:

  • Southern missiles into occupied Palestine, a coded message from “Hezbollah”
  • “Karadeniz” turned its generators off, the pressures of the committees worsen the obscurity
  • Pharmacies have closed their doors due to lack of medications and subsidized dollar funding

Welcome to the state of “each owns his own missiles”. In a normal state that respects the International Law, medium and heavy weapons are the state’s ownership. However, when it comes to our country, the Law is meaningless. Yesterday night, rockets were fired from the town of Al-Qalila, in southern Lebanon, and landed in the Shlomi settlement in the Galilee. It has become obvious that Palestinian factions were behind the matter, and today the Israeli Army destroyed vehicles carrying ammunition at the Lebanese-Syrian borders. Certainly, the operation was carried out by Hezbollah and the Syrian regime forces.

Whatever the problem is, the state of Lebanon remains silent and takes no action, because it is a powerless state. Are the Palestinian factions entitled to launch rockets from Lebanese territory? Is it permitted for “Hezbollah” to be the ultimate ruler on Lebanese territories, turning it into a platform for his endless battles and wars?

The lack of political role and the poor state have left us, militarily and in terms of security, under the control of de-facto forces. More than thirty years ago, the war in Lebanon ended, so why are some of its parties always ready for war, armed and well-equipped? More than thirty years ago, the Taif Accord, which explicitly and clearly stated the dissolution of all militias, entered into force. Now why do the Palestinian militias and the Hezbollah militia continue to take decisions on behalf of Lebanon and keep fighting in the name of Lebanon, while claiming to protect Lebanon?

Dear strong President, the day you took office, you pledged to build a country that will shine during your term. Unfortunately, we believed that you would ban illegal armed forces. Now at this stage, we woke up and knew how naïve and foolish we were when we decided to trust you. Your era has completely failed, and the state has become a laughable stock in the world. At least stop claiming that you are a strong president, for how can a President be strong while the country he’s ruling is weak and sick?

  • Sawt Beirut International