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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Jan. 16, 2021

A brief of today’s news bulletin:

  • The rise in number of new Covid-19 infections and deaths indicates that a new variant of Coronavirus is spreading
  • Parliament enacts the law that sets the mechanism of importing vaccines, and the role of private companies
  • Delivery of fifty oxygen machines has been suspended due to political heresies

All health indicators show that Lebanon has entered the stage of the new Covid-19 variant, due to the rapid surge in the number of infections and fatalities.

This reality urges the Caretaker government to extend the state of emergency and the lockdown until January 25, or even more.

When will this stage of total lockdown end? If the criterion for extending lockdown is the continuous rise in number of new infections then the extension is inevitably coming, because the number of new cases as well as the number of deaths is increasing tremendously.

This deterioration is offset by the reduction in the number of beds in hospitals to the minimum limits. So is it likely to experience a disastrous outbreak for the virus this week? This is the citizens’ obsessions without exception.



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