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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Jan. 18, 2022

A brief of today’s news bulletin:

Why did the Amal-Hezbollah duo return to the Cabinet table again? This question has been asked in political circles since last Saturday, and coincides with the release of the sudden joint statement that changed the political scene in Lebanon.

But the question should be asked in a different way. Why Hezbollah and Amal don’t return to the government again, especially that Nabih Berri obtained the guarantee that he requested, which is that the Council of Ministers would not tackle the administrative appointments at all.

Berri’s concerns at this stage are focused on striking what is left of Michel Aoun’s era, to prevent him from appointing employees, managers, officers, and judges who owe him loyalty or are politically affiliated with MP Gebran Bassil. For this reason, the government’s agenda was limited to discussing the budget or to economic recovery projects.

Hezbollah’s concerns are different, as it linked its return to dismissing the judicial investigator, Judge Tarek Bitar.

So far, all indications show that Bitar will be unable to complete his probe for two reasons: the lawsuits filed against him from all sides, in a systematic, programmed, and conspiracy manner, and then because the General Committee of the Court of Cassation lost its quorum, and became unable to consider the lawsuit against the state that Former Minister Youssef Fenianos submitted. Dismissing Bitar was carried out, then why should Hezbollah remain outside the government’s paradise?

Why is Hezbollah responsible for disrupting the government at all levels, when it is able to disrupt its work piece by piece? This is how the duo returned to the government, and the government will reconvene according to the due’s terms and agendas and will implement its demands.

How can Najib Mikati agree to turn from the Head of the executive authority in Lebanon to a clerk for Amal and Hezbollah?

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