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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Jan. 19, 2022

Will the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister accept that they hold a cabinet session and discuss “packed” agenda set by the duo Hezbollah and Amal? What was revealed by the two presidents, show that they accepted the terms of reference set by the duo. But of course, there is a difference between the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister in approaching the issue.

It is known that Najib Mikati is a tactful man, who neither likes to fight, nor take oppositional situations. Therefore, it is likely that he will accept what the ‘Yellow Party’ and the Amal Movement have accepted for the cabinet sessions and for him.

But the President of the Republic has another considerations! The covenant is at its end, and he wants to secure the political continuity of Gebran Bassil, whether by trying to “bequeath” him the presidency or by strengthening his popular position. Both issues cannot be achieved, unless Aoun, and Bassil, managed to obtain the largest number of Christian administrative appointments before the end of Aoun’s presidential term.

From here emerges Aoun’s insistence that the cabinet reconvenes, versus Berri’s insistence that the government not convene. Hence, Hezbollah also intervened with its two allies to hold government sessions according to a pre-packaged agenda, which constituted a compromise between Aoun and Berri’s proposals.

Will Aoun indefinitely accept to move according to the logic of the Shiite duo? Will he completely abandon his goal of making administrative appointments that improve the position of the Free Patriotic Movement within official departments?

Most likely, Aoun will continue his battle when the government reconvenes. Will Mikati’s government pay the price again, and we go back to the tone of obstruction again?

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