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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Jan. 20, 2021

A brief of today’s news bulletin:

As of today, the world is moving according to the timing of Biden, the new US president, who assumed the American presidency as the oldest president of the republic in the history of the United States, at the age of 87. Biden succeeds President Trump, who is the most controversial president since taking office until the end of his term. The last controversial step he took is that he left Washington and did not attend the inauguration of his successor.

Many questions are being asked by the world with Biden’s assumption of power, especially those related to the Middle East, most notably how will the nature of the relationship between Washington and Tehran be, will he open up again the Iranian nuclear file? What is the path of normalization that was initiated by Trump? What is the impact of the Democrats’ return to the White House on the ongoing war in Syria? Many questions are raised, but certainly there are variables from the transition to the rule of Democrats instead of Republicans, and the personalities of both Trump and Biden are different, so did the changes begin?

  • The Corona epidemic is out of control, infections are rising and treatments are decreasing.
  • The absence of the budget returned the expenditures according to the twelfth basis.
  • A conflict at the airport gate between taxis and private cars transporting arrivals.

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