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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Jan. 24, 2022

Officials in Lebanon have mastered the art of lying!

Two events dominate today’s political landscape. The first event is Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s resignation from the political arena. How could he not be, as the son of deceased Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, who at least recognized his error? And, despite all the settlements he made, Saad Hariri still has the honor of admitting the mistake, thus withdrawing when necessary…
The second event is budget-related. The ruling system’s pillars are not embarrassed. They are a symbol of political immorality… and they are unafraid of it. Every day, if not every hour, they provide new proof of their immorality and policies focused only on grasping chances, utilitarianism, patronage, and contempt for people’s brains.

Mhammad Raad, the leader of the Loyalty to the Resistance group, described the last of their incredible fights. The deputy of Hezbollah sharply attacked the proposed budget, saying it does not bode well since it lacks balance and does not grant people their rights. According to Raad, it is not permitted to burden the parties and the poor with the repercussions of the crisis and impose massive taxes on them. It appears to be a favorable position at first glance, but what is this obvious deception? Is Hezbollah in power, or in opposition?

Moreover, the one responsible for setting the budget is mainly Finance Minister Youssef Khalil, and whoever named him to the ministry is President Nabih Berri, the permanent and firm ally of Hezbollah, for more than thirty years. There is more than one alliance between Amal and Hezbollah. It is an agreement on everything and on all topics. How does he want us to believe that the party is deeply dissatisfied with the budget?

So, what was Raad thinking when he made the above statements? All that counts is that we are approaching elections, and the budget and IMF discussions impose difficult decisions, and of course, any parties will claim themselves innocent. Is it, however, legal to serve in both the administration and the opposition?

Worse, the Minister of Finance has also entered this bazaar, despite the fact that he has confidently proclaimed that there would be no additional taxes in the budget. Are all of the statistics in the budget really delusory? Is what Minister Youssef Khalil says illogical and untrue?

The second option is right. Previously, men used to master the art of lying, but during the Hezbollah and Amal movements, it has become the art of Lebanese officials!

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