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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Jan. 30, 2022

Sunni community claim elections, with the only purpose to save Lebanon!

Thank you, Patriarch Al Rahi. Thank you for encouraging the Sunni community to participate in the polls with passion and unity via its forces, personalities, and elites, so that the elections reflect the anxieties of all Lebanese. It is a viewpoint that coincides with that of the Sunni leaders, and later with that of practically all Lebanese leaders.

The Sunnis in Lebanon will vote with enthusiasm and excitement, reaffirming three points. The first is a rejection of the ruling system that has driven Lebanon to bankruptcy and collapse, transforming it into a failed state in every sense of the term. The second issue is a rejection of Iranian control over Lebanon and Lebanese decision-making via Hezbollah. The third thing is setting a plan to rebuild Lebanon, which was initiated and concentrated on by martyr Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, and he accomplished most of it before developments destroyed much of what “Abou Bahaa” constructed.

True, the Sunni sect is a sect of moderation and rejection of extremism and civil conflict, but it is also a sect of vision, attitude, and determination. Its position on what is going on is obvious, and it wants the Lebanese nation to return to the prosperity and progress that it was enjoying, and these are things that cannot be achieved as long as there is a duality in the field of arms, as long as there are two states within one territory, and as long as the ruling gang retains control of the decision-making within the state.

Therefore, the elections are critical to accomplishing salvation, and the Sunnis want to be at the center of the process, therefore they will massively vote for those who support a clear proposal : “Put Lebanon back on track!”

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