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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin- June 1, 2021

A brief of today’s News Bulletin:

  • A Blocking Third continues to disrupt government establishment, while the state’s collapse continues to reinforce Hezbollah statelet
  • Smuggling record is declining, and the black market is depriving drivers of gasoline
  • Dear Lebanese people, let’s celebrate the farewell of luxury life!

Everything was “clear and obvious” on the second day that Saad Hariri returned to Lebanon. The three solely involved political parties do not want government formation, regardless of what they claim to be the opposite. Baabda team, consisting of the President of the Republic and the Head of the Free Patriotic Movement are not willing to form a government, only if it’s a government that “promotes” the Covenant in a way that drives Bassil to the Presidency. Unless the future Government achieves the ambition of the son-in-law, i.e., without guaranteeing the chair of the Presidency, FPM will be always ready to block government formation. Even the team of the Prime Minister is not ready to establish a government. Against this backdrop of the stressful economic circumstances, Hariri is not prepared to lose popularity before parliamentary election, while he’s not even backed by any regional or international power.

Now let’s move to the Third Party: Hezbollah. The party that is never in a rush to form a government, since the finances of the Party are nearly independent. The Lebanese Economic cycle does not mess with his own economic cycle, because such party relies on “Fresh Money” acquired through the Airport, not banks. Its military and security forces are always ready, as its Head moves in complete comfort over all Lebanese lands. Therefore, the state’s collapse lies in his best interest, and the state’s failure “boosts” illegitimate forces.

The World Bank has issued a new alert at this point, given that Lebanon is heading for the worst and it will likely fall into three of the worst global crises since the mid-nineteenth century until now, and how can we not live the worst in the presence of such a corrupt team in power?

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