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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin- June 11, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Berri’s initiative vanishes, and Macron strives to revive economy
  • From “Oriental hospital”, Lebanon turns into “Lunatic hospital”, and the “white coats” sound alarm
  • Lebanon is on the verge of a social explosion, and citizens worried about lifting subsidies

The war of statements have put an end to all meeting and consultations. The statements issued by the “Future Movement”, the “Free Patriotic Movement” and “Baabda Palace” have dealt a blow to Berri’s initiative, although there is no evidence that his initiative will bring the desired results.

The Parliament Speaker has said previously in a private meeting, that he is not that much optimistic about reaching a solution for forming a government, however, having an initiative on the table is better than nothing, as it carries hope for the Lebanese even if fake.

This political reality have turned us to the start point, while the country is witnessing total economic and financial collapse. The dollar on the black market has soared to a new record, exceeding 15,000 LBP, at a time all economic sectors are threatened, starting with the healthcare sector, ending up with the main services sector, such as power, water, and Internet. The tragic situation has urged the French President to announce that he is coordinating with international partners to set a financial mechanism that secures the continuity of main public services if the country witnesses any political turmoil.

President Emmanuel Macron’s announcement was delighted and sad at the same time. His announcement was pleased because it indicates that Lebanon will be supported by donor countries, and will not be left alone. However, it is sad because the French President is eager to set a mechanism to save Lebanon, while our rulers do not care except for their personal interests.

Where is the President of the Republic from what has been proposed by Macron, and where is the Caretaker Prime Minister, and the Prime Minister designate? They are busy in silly details, while ignoring the main problem. In the midst of all this failure, Hassan Diab gave his exceptional approval to a draft decree that considers August 4 a national mourning day.

Of course, we support him on this matter, but we would go further suggesting that every day may be considered national mourning, until this corrupt regime and this criminal political class that has offended citizens and destroyed the country departs.

  • Sawt Beirut International