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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin- June 13, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Controversy continues over the efficacy of Covi-19 vaccines, are these fears justified?
  • New episode of weapon’s series, and the victim of stray bullets lately is a small girl from Akkar
  • Why did the Lebanese national football team squander the dream of qualifying for the Asian Cup?

Will Hariri apologize? It is the main question that has been arising on the political scene since yesterday afternoon, and specifically since Hariri’s visit to Dar al-Fatwa. In principle, Hariri made his decision, and despite the advice he heard from some of the participants in the Dar al-Fatwa meeting, he did not change his mind.

All he did was postponing the announcement. The decision was not for the sake of Dar Al-Fatwa, as mentioned, but rather in response to President Nabih Berri’s desire, who is still battling for his initiative.

The Prime Minister designate is on his way to apologize, and his decision will be revealed within few days. Hariri is fully aware that he has no chance anymore to form his government, as hurdles are becoming tougher. Saudi’s denial for him did not change, and it does not seem to change soon.

Global wise, Lebanon is not a priority except for Paris. France, which previously was supporting Hariri in all his battles against Michel Aoun, is no longer supporting him, but rather irritated, and considers that Hariri is obstructing the government formation like Gebran Bassil.

The country is on the brink of total collapse, and the healthcare, financial, economic, and political situation is worsening day after another. Hariri no longer wants to be a partner in the perspective government, but rather prefers to move to the opposition and improve his ties with Sunnis, before the parliamentary elections.

The President’s team hopes this will happen, considering that this will help him achieve his ambitions in the covenant’s last year. Is the President’s team right or this will lead Lebanese to more tragedies?

The situation is worsening and challenges are burgeoning. The situation post Hariri’s apology may be more horrible than before, so brace for a blistering summer.

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