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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – June 13, 2022

Lebanon’s leaders never agree!

Is the demarcation halted and the nomination postponed? The pleasant vibe outweighs the problems in the first issue. According to the report, Lebanon will notify Hochstein of Lebanon’s right in the Kana oilfield in return for Israel’s acquisition of the Karish field, especially after the President of the Republic withheld signing the modification to decree No. 6433, which indicates that Lebanon is not even considering negotiating for Line No. 29.

If the aforementioned scenario takes place, Lebanon is freed from a complex and hot file, which allows it in the future to benefit from its oil and gas wealth. The second file related to the assignment appears to be more complicated. The Aoun-Bassilian scheme began to appear and its most prominent title: Najib Mikati’s blackmail before his nomination.

The President of the Republic will not call for parliamentary consultations unless he obtains four guarantees from Mikati, which are: keeping the Free Patriotic Movement in the hand of the ministry of energy, Bassil’s return or his representative to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Mikati’s approval to dismiss the governor of the Bank of Lebanon, Riad Salameh. Finally, he promised the Free Patriotic Movement the majority of the first-class duties that the government must do.

Would Mikati agree to the Aoun-Bassilian terms? Most likely not. As the mandate file remains postponed, it is expected to determine the demarcation file.

Is it appropriate that Lebanon’s understanding with Israel is simpler than the understanding of the system’s pillars with each other? Unfortunately, this is how they run Lebanon!

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