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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin- June 14, 2021

In today’s new bulletin:

  • Lebanon is among the most failed states, and officials are wasting time without forming a government
  • The flour of the poor, competes with gasoline in smuggling to Syria
  • Expatriates revive the real estate sector, apartment prices are plummeting

The dollar has reached an unprecedented record high at an exchange rate of 15,500 LBP. Public transport drivers and bakery owners are going out to strike next Thursday. The fuel crisis has been partially resolved, while the power crisis is exacerbating and generating many hurdles. The pharmaceutical crisis remains threatening patients’ lives.

Lebanon is collapsing and the risk of being ranked a failed state is becoming reality. It’s ranking has dropped 36 places during the previous five years, and became one of the 34 most failed countries in the world this year.

We are in a huge predicament, and our politicians and officials are still wasting time with irresponsible practices, as if the situation is glory. The latest coquetry practices are for the Parliament Speaker and the Prime Minister-designate. Saad Hariri was about to apologize on Saturday or these two days, but the pressure exerted by Nabih Berri made him refrain from taking this difficult decision.

Sources indicate that Hariri may present a formation of 24 ministers to the President of the Republic, and if the latter rejects it, he submits his resignation, which places responsibility of obstructing the government formation on the President.

Why President Berri want to extend the governmental crisis? Does his political dispute with Gebran Bassil pushes him to sacrifice everything, even what remains of the interest of the citizen and the country? Is it allowed for an official to prioritize his interests and personal battles over the state’s interest?

The worst in this situation is that the Vice-President of the ‘Future Movement’, Mustafa Alloush, says that President Berri does not want Hariri to apologize because he insists on succeeding his initiative. Of course, Berri is aware that his initiative has gone. But is the battle between Berri and Hariri against Aoun and Bassil worth to destroy the country and its citizens? Which situation is better for Berri to bury a dead initiative or to contribute in burying a homeland?

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