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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin- June 2, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • No governmental breakthrough… Berri’s initiative is barely breathing, and stubbornness and political strife continue.
  • Saudi Arabia, a victim of Captagon mafias again, and the Scanner scandal continues at the borders
  • Diab’s government is watching the complete dramatic collapse… What are the measures that can be taken to curb the deterioration?

In politics, as in economics and finance, just failure. First, politically, there is no government, and all the talk that rumored in the past few days about a break through on the level of authorship fell at once. The visible knots returned and overwhelmed the surface, and the hat of President Nabih Berri, which usually brings out rabbits, was not able this time to bring out even a single one. The apparent cause is known. The designated Prime Minister will not back down and will not give the blocking third to the President of the Republic and Deputy Gebran Bassil. On the other hand, the presidential team will not be satisfied with less than the blocking third. This is apparently. In depth, matters are more complex and involve personal, sectarian and political factors, individual accounts and future ambitions, in addition to, of course, the regional and international conditions.

Accordingly, the formation fell into the trap of failure, and those betting on the formation of the government have lost their bet because local and regional conditions have not yet matured, and they will not mature in the long run perspective at least. On the other hand, the preparatory decision issued by the State Consultative Council, which decided to freeze the work of the platform of 3900 pounds to the dollar, caused chaos and confusion among citizens and depositors. The freezing of the platform, if implemented, will return the depositors to the official price of the dollar, i.e. to 1500 pounds. Is this what the lawyers, who applied for stopping the circular of the Governor of the Central Bank which sets the exchange rate for the dollar on the platform at 3900 pounds, wanted? Of course not. But the chaos spread, the citizens’ affliction increased, and the oppression and feeling of injustice among the small depositors deepened. It is a struggle between the Covenant and the Governor of the Central Bank, the price of which is paid, as usual, by people in their standard of living, and their ability to secure a loaf for their children with dignity.

How can these officials have the right to always make pay people the price for their opposition and disagreements, whether in politics or in the economy? Have the people of Lebanon become mere victims of false officials and pseudo-leaders?

  • Sawt Beirut International