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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin, June 24, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Prosthetic solutions before the gasoline crisis
  • The drain from Lebanon is recording frightening numbers, so is the country emptying its human energies?
  • The dramatic deterioration of living conditions and the decline in the prestige of the state led to a crazy rise in theft rates

Our social economic crisis, its start is a dollar as well as its last. In October 2019, an increase in fees on WhatsApp by a few dollars ignited a revolution whose repercussions have not yet ended. On the other hand, the dollar is on a daily moving exchange, and the higher its exchange rate in relation to the Lebanese pound, the greater the anger in the souls and the deepening of the feeling of injustice, and the manifestations of the revolution re-emerge.

Today, the dollar exchange rate reached a record level, as it recorded 16 thousand pounds. There are those who expect that its rise will continue and that it will not stabilize before the end of this month, that is, until the implementation of the Banque du Liban circular, which stipulates the disbursement of $800 from each deposit to its owner.

We are, therefore, in an economically critical stage and much more dangerous than all previous stages. What does the ruling system do? Almost nothing. The President of the Republic invokes the constitutional texts. He says he can’t do anything. The designated prime minister is not in the country, as usual, leaving the matter of forming the government in the custody of whoever wishes.

As for the caretaker prime minister, he admits and acknowledges that he does not want to take any step or take any initiative because he wants to end his term innocent of lifting the support. The House of Representatives, which calls for meetings and is referring a committee to another, and is postponing from day to another, and from week to another, remains without success so far in approving and implementing a single law to confront the dangerous economic and social crisis.

Even the financing card that will not give needy families more than $90 a month is still on paper because there is no money to finance it. Are we in front of decisions made of paper, or are we in front of a parliament whose representatives are made of paper?

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