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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – June 7th, 2022

Republic of Paper!

Are we living in a true republic or a paper republic? What has occurred in the previous three days at the level of maritime demarcation demonstrates how severely our state lacks the most fundamental characteristics of a state. While our politicians remain in a trance, the drilling platform used by Israel crossed the Lebanese maritime limits! It is enough to recall how, in February, the American ambassador, Amos Hochstein, presented an integrated solution to resolve the issues surrounding the maritime borders and the war between Lebanon and Israel.

At the end of the tour, Lebanese officials promised Hochstein a response to his query, but it has yet to arrive! How? And why? Nobody knows. But it is apparent that the Lebanese response requires at least a minimal degree of agreement among the three presidents, and this agreement is tough, if not impossible! Presidents have distinct shares, profits, and internal benefits!

On the following government system, the presidents are also different! And different presidential candidates in the presidential election! As a result, how can those with opposing internal quotas and personal interests agree on lines, strategic decisions, and public objectives?

And, most importantly, how can those who have squandered Lebanon’s reserves and riches in the past be interested in its maritime treasures in the future? God bless this country!

  • Sawt Beirut International