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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – March 15, 2022

Corrupt system crying crocodile tears!

The deadline for submitting a candidacy for the parliamentary elections is tonight at midnight, so the picture of eligibility is gradually becoming clearer. Of course, there is much talk and even more flashy slogans, but not everything that glitters is gold. Yesterday, for example, we heard President Nabih Berri deliver a speech, which he does every four years, promising people peace and solace. Many questions are raised as a result of Berri’s election speech, which does not allow for questions and answers from the journalists.

Berri, for example, deplored the Lebanese and their situation, believing that the voice of their suffering should be heard more loudly than the voice of the elections. It is a beautiful, emotional, and expressive speech, but it is surprising that it comes from someone who has spent thirty years in power completely and flawlessly. Berri was not only a speaker of the House of Representatives for thirty years, but he was also the owner of a significant parliamentary bloc, which qualified him to have three ministers in successive governments from 1992 to today.

What happened in reality? Furthermore, Nabih Berri is not only the Speaker of Parliament and the leader of a parliamentary bloc, but he also oversees the system that has ruled Lebanon since 1992. It is a system with only two titles: corruption and corruption. What we have accomplished today is the clearest evidence of this. As a result, President Berri may be excused if we do not believe the feelings he pretends to have for people.

Whoever loves his people and his family is the one who rules over them and manages their affairs with justice, integrity, transparency, and cleanliness. Whoever truly wishes to build a country does not submit to the concept of clientelism and does not rely on quotas, benefits, and deals as a rule and method of work.

In a nutshell, Lebanon today requires someone who can speak and act. We are as tired of false and flowery talk as we are of crocodile tears!

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