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Sawt Beirut International’s news bulletin, March 19th, 2020

The failure of a system or the end of a republic?!

What is happening between the political authority and the judiciary? Has the judiciary become a victim of politics and politicians? Whoever followed the circumstances of the cabinet meeting today, was sure that the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister are confused. They are under double pressure.

The first pressure came from public opinion, whose deposits were stolen and its money was looted. As for the second pressure, it is from banks and bankers, and from the financial system. They consider that they are being targeted in one way or another, and that the judiciary, specifically Ghada Aoun, continues to strike what remains of the image of the banking sector and what remains of the image of the Banque du Liban by targeting its ruler, and pursuing him and his brother. It is also clear that Michel Aoun’s direction in one place, while Nabih Berri’s and Najib Mikati’s is in another. The evidence is that the President of the Republic agreed to hold a session of the Council of Ministers, but not in the Presidential Palace, but in the Grand Serail, in order to distance himself from the responsibility of removing Ghada Aoun and refer the Banque du Liban file either to the Discriminatory Public Prosecutor or the Financial Public Prosecutor.

This is how the session was held in the Serail, but the staff of the judiciary did not attend it. This matter postponed the appropriate decision making to another date, what made Najib Mikati lose his nerve and say, while responding to a question, that he will make the discriminatory attorney general return home if he does not respond to the demands of the political authority.

Is this how the prime minister understands the independence of the judiciary? Is this arrogant authoritarian discourse permitted by the executive authority towards the judiciary? As a result, everything that is happening is evidence of the failure of the ruling system. Let’s hope that this failure does not turn into the end of the republic!

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