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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin- May 19, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Petition against Wehbe, Lebanese in the Gulf breathed a sigh of relief after Wehbe’s resignation
  • What is the story behind the “Coincidental government” that turned Lebanon into hell?
  • Mechanical inspection centers are closed, citizens are in state of loss, and public safety is at risk

Charbel Wehbe has resigned from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister Zeina Aker took over as the acting minister. Wehbe’s resignation has closed a black page in the history of Lebanon’s diplomacy. Wehbe has performed business only as a Caretaker minister in a resigned government, after the former Foreign Minister Nassif Hiti resigned.

History will remember Wehbe, his failures, and his unsuccessful journey. He is the only minister who was forced to resign from a resigned government, and he wasn’t even qualified to conduct business as a caretaker minister. Attention will be focused, starting from tomorrow, on the upcoming session of the Parliament, which will discuss the President’s message regarding the government’s formation.

It is not weird that the Parliament will turn next Friday into a real Babel Tower. Contradictory will prevail the blocs’ stances, and conflicts will deepen. The parliamentary blocs will line up either to support the President of the Republic or to support the Prime Minister-designate. The political battle between the Free Patriotic Movement and the Future Movement will turn into a parliamentary battle, in order to achieve one of two things, either embarrassing the designated PM to expel him, or to support his stances so that he does not apologize under pressure.

Hariri’s apology is no longer possible due to several factors, because the parliamentary session will not bring tangible achievements, but it will rather increase the gap between the political forces, raise the level of sectarian, and deepen the conflicts between the President’s team and the Prime Minister-designate’s team. This will destroy hopes for forming a government soon.

Is this what the President of the Republic wants from his message? Is it the President’s task to embarrass and fight with everyone instead of joining hem tall together for the sake of the national interest?

A question arises in this context: Will the Prime Minister-designate attend personally the Parliamentary session, or he will continue his journey abroad and participate via “Zoom”, especially that his phone keeps functioning no matter how long his trip is, as his associates and supporters say?

The session will be held soon, and we have to wait to see!

  • Sawt Beirut International