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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – May 1st, 2022

Gebran Bassil striving to cancel elections!

Gebran Bassil returns to his favorite pastime: provoking people. He moves from one Lebanese area to the next, instilling a spirit of rebellion and making empty promises. This is what happened yesterday in the Akkar area, and it might happen again in any other part in Lebanon…

Someone can ask, “Why doesn’t the leader of the Free Patriotic Movement have the same rights as everyone else?” Is it against the law for him to visit specific areas? In principle, both issues are legitimate, especially during legislative elections, when each party leader must organize his or her party’s and popular bases in order to increase his or her party’s electoral position.

The issue, though, is with Bassil personally. He is a provocateur par excellence, raising concerns and issues in defiance of others, making his visit to specific locations a project of sedition, if not civil war. This is what happened in the mountain region in summer 2019.

And this is what almost happened yesterday in Akkar…so the anti-Bassil forces must avoid being sucked into his game. He wants all of the provocation he causes to result in the polls being canceled, as he stated yesterday that the Free Patriotic Movement will withdraw from the elections if measures against it continue without the government bearing responsibility.

This is to be expected and unsurprising, given the movement’s and Gebran Bassil’s anxiety of the election outcomes. As for you, Lebanese, your nation requires you, and your electoral responsibility is beckoning.

Voice your concerns, vote against this ruling system!

  • Sawt Beirut International