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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin- May 22, 2021

A brief of today’s news bulletin:

  • A series of firm Western sanctions to be imposed on Lebanese politicians, will they include first class officials?
  • Rental fees in Beirut are skyrocketing, payments are in dollars according to the black market’s prices.

Too many meetings and conferences, but all went in vain. The two sessions of the UNESCO palace were held two days in a row. During the first session, the letter addressed by the President of the Republic was read, in which there was a harsh criticism of Saad Hariri for his performance as a Prime Minister-designate, more specifically, for his inability to form the government. Today, in his turn, Hariri took the floor and addressed the President of the Republic, taking advantage of the Parliament’s session during which he accused Aoun for obstructing the formation, mentioning his desire to amend, or even violate the Constitution’s provisions, which constitutes a serious and dangerous accusation announced by Hariri.

The President of the Republic is entrusted with the implementation of the Constitution, and he swears by that in the oath session immediately following his election session, and therefore accusing him of violating the constitution is a matter that the Parliament shall never disregard, but rather, shall profoundly examine. However, how could the Parliament take such a dangerous accusation for granted? The Parliament’s failure is not limited to this, but goes beyond this. After the presidential letter and the response of the Prime Minister-designate, and after the interferences between Parliamentary blocs, we were expecting that the Parliament would take a clear, firm and decisive stance regarding the formation of the government. Unfortunately, the Parliament Speaker Berri disappointed us, because he only repeated useless slogans the Lebanese are fed up with, some fake promises that show no progress on the political level.

In brief, the Legislative Authority crashed today, just as the Executive Authority has already collapsed. Congratulations to the successful system for the beautiful scene they played today at the UNESCO Palace Theater. Dear Lebanese people, be ready for a very “warm” summer!

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