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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin- May 25, 2021

A brief of today’s news bulletin:

  • In the wake of intensifying talks between Aoun and Hariri, Berri sponsored a new government in Bkerki
  • Journalist Maryam Seif El-Din’s family has been subjected to systematic attacks because of its stances against “Hezbollah” statelet
  • Corruption peaks at the Ministry of Energy, one vivid sample: continued waste of funds allocated to clean up the Litani River

May 25, 2000 versus May 25, 2021. Twenty-one years have passed since the liberation from the Israeli enemy took place. Is Lebanon really enjoying the liberation? In 2000, the Israeli troops withdrew from southern Lebanon to open a new description to the Syrian withdrawal, paving the way for the Syrian withdrawal after 5 years, specifically in April 2005. There is a thought nowadays that Lebanon has not yet been released two decades after its first liberation and ten-and-a-half years after its second liberation. This thought has got his own justifications: What liberation are we celebrating in light of political, economic, social and security crises?

To be fair, the state and the citizen are not the only ones that shall be held accountable. In fact, the geo-strategic equation has driven Lebanon into the region’s intersections of control. The real reason of all that we’re witnessing today at the political, economic, financial and social levels, is the presence of a militia which is way stronger than the legitimate security agencies. All that matters for these militia are the expansionist dreams of the Persian Empire under the slogan of exporting the Islamic revolution. Certainly, this does not exempt Lebanese men, especially the leaders of “March 14 Revolution”, who have been tired or abandoned or preferred their immediate interests to fight to free Lebanon from any kind of tutelage or occupation.

And so the fight goes on. Freedom is not the struggle of a day or a year. It is rather a daily job and an hourly battle and sometimes despite all the tiredness and frustration, hope for tomorrow continues to grow. Is it impossible for a population that conquered Palestinian, Israeli and Syrian occupation, to surrender to Iran’s inconceivable aspirations?

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