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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin- May 31, 2021

A brief of today’s news bulletin:

  • The International Community continues to support the election government and sets a 15-day deadline
  • The rationing card appears to rest in peace…
  • Expatriates and their funds promise a viable summer in Lebanon

Information obtained from official sources in Paris confirms, in the event the election government was formed, that it should not be a candidate for the forthcoming elections, that the reality of the government is no longer defined with the one objective of forming an important Government and that the International Community has began to think of alternative solutions, particularly to opt for elections.

The new French proposal corresponds to a cross-exchange of information from a number of decision-making capitals stating that Lebanese political forces are given a period of 15 days to complete the process. Do you take the situation of government off the continuous and deepening stalemate 7 months ago, or does the formation of an important government still prevent local complications and international networks? Is the formation of an electoral government the solution in this case? Given that from the beginning of next March expected Parliamentary elections could perhaps take effect.

The life crises are becoming increasingly complicated each day at this period. It is sufficient for us to mention that the traffic jams of the cars parking at gas stations remind us of the black days of war, so did the Lebanese have an obligation more than once in their lives to experience the manifestations of indignity? And suffer as in war in peace? Was he also obliged to switch from crisis to crisis, to turn his life into endless crises? Both questions can be answered by the governing system that only cares about its best interest, quotas or deals. The most important evidence is that the rights of the Lebanese have been lost, their savings robbed and the standard of their lives collapsed between waiting for a significant government or waiting for election administration. And much more than this, it looks like “the worst is yet to come!”


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