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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Monday, Aug. 9, 2021

A brief of today’s news bulletin:

  • Lifting subsidies on oil derivatives soon, price of gasoline canister to reach 300,000 LBP
  • On the eve of Auon and Mikati’s meeting, battles returned to square one
  • Le Figaro: Hezbollah is a militia that controls the Lebanese state and forbids change

Lebanese are experiencing three concerns, the first is economic and social concern. Gasoline queues are back across the country, the diesel crisis escalating, and currently a gas crisis is looming on the horizon. While the fuel crisis is exhausting the Lebanese and raising their blood pressure, the chronic and incurable disease medicines are vanishing gradually from pharmacies, with their prices rising on the black market.

How can citizens survive this situation? Why to subjugate and humiliate citizens, if subsidies will be lifted sooner or later? Is it necessary to humiliate people before taking the difficult and inevitable decision at the same time?

The citizens’ second concern is the government, as it turned out that all the optimistic vibes that leaked closely to the formation of the government is unrealistic and has nothing to do with the truth. Two weeks after Mikati was designated to form a government, the hurdles are still there, and the formation process is still in square one. The search for a Minister of Interior, his sect, and his political inclination is still ongoing. How great indeed, is the gap between the citizens’ concerns and the officials’ concerns. People are starving and dying from hunger, while officials die for a ministerial portfolio. Will this gap between the people’s suffering and the officials’ interests build a homeland?

The citizens’ third concern is related to the fears sparked for democracy. Once the Patriarch Al-Rahi announced his stance yesterday regarding war and peace with Israel and the necessity for the army to deter the forces that launch rockets from Lebanon, a political media campaign began against him. They accused him of treason and of collaborating with Israel. Hezbollah wants from everyone to support its practices, and If they don’t, then they are traitors and supporters of Israel, but rather they are imperialists and Zionists.

Didn’t Hezbollah realize that Lebanese are tired of their theories, accusations and practices, and that want a homeland to live and not to die in it. Lebanese want a country that brings prosperity to its people, not misery, poverty and starvation. They want a civilized homeland similar to other countries, not countries of opposition similar to Syria to Yemen?

Is it forbidden for Patriarch Al-Rahi to demand that his people live in the civilization of 21st century,  instead of remaining a victim of the dark caves, the culture of death, and the medieval civilization?

  • Sawt Beirut International