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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Nov. 18, 2021

Where is Najib Mikati escaping to?

  • Russia has ruled out the possibility of a missile being involved in the port blast, sources told Sawt Beirut International
  • Following Kuwait, Saudi Arabia is ready to expel thousands of Lebanese for their involvement with Hezbollah
  • Qaraoun Lake has perished for officials… Where did hundreds of millions of dollars disappear to?

Najib Mikati is one of the most capable officials in Lebanon, if not the globe, to pursue the strategy of escaping. Consider what is occurring in Lebanon: the government does not meet because the Shiite pair is obstructing it until the judiciary agrees and Tarek Bitar is dismissed from the port crime case. The dollar has broken through the 23,000-Lebanese pounds barrier, and there is no sign of a halt in its meteoric advance.

The conflict between Lebanon and the Gulf states is escalating, not only as a result of Information Minister George Kordahi’s words, but also because the government and state have become Hezbollah’s marionette. The citizen has become threatened by all of his daily necessities… If we tried to list all of the issues, the list would have been long and unending. Nevertheless, Najib Mikati does not feel anything, and does not see that exceptional matters require an exceptional decision. He holds daily meetings in the Grand Serail with ministers and officials to suggest that everything is on the right track.

Mikati decided to visit the Vatican next week to discuss bilateral ties and the challenges at hand to round up his weak show! How can Mikati allow himself to deal with the grave issues that confront Lebanon with such levity and recklessness? So, what is the issue in Lebanon’s bilateral relations with the Vatican? Do you believe Mikati doesn’t realize that the first thing he should talk about is the government’s return to the meeting, and then Lebanon’s connection with its Arab brothers after his government mortgaged its decision to Hezbollah and its successor in Iran? So, beyond than taking memorial photos and claiming to have discussed issues with His Holiness the Pope, what will Mikati do in the Vatican?

As a result, Mikati, you are presented with two insignificant options. In terms of conducting a meeting of your government with those who attended, it appears that you are a man of great responsibility. Alternatively, head east and go on an Arab tour to explain Lebanon’s position and try to restore relations with the Arab countries. There is no effect or advantage from the free tours abroad. Stay in Lebanon until you have avoided any “wrongdoing”.

  • Sawt Beirut International