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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Nov. 23, 2021

Najib Mikati cannot submit the Shiite Duo

  • How did the visual professions join the bazaar of partiality and hindrance?
  • Is the state planning to spend all of its money on salaries?
  • What were the women’s reactions to Mikati’s masculine statements?

Neither his linguistic eloquence, nor his political grumbles, were able to help the Tripartite presidential trip to Baabda’s godfather, so he fell twice. Neither did he succeed in making a difference out of Baabda’s retreat, nor did he preserve the image of the elegant prime minister, after his tongue betrayed him, where he likened Lebanon’s celebration of its independence, to a divorced woman celebrating her wedding anniversary, to conclude that if she adhered to what was agreed upon before marriage, she would not have divorced.

Najib Mikati’s rude and outrageous masculinity, went viral during the past 24 hours, but despite its superficiality, it expresses a deep and rooted crisis. Mikati appears to be a deceived partner, the Shiite duo paved the way for him to form a cabinet, before surprising him with the obstruction gift. Judge Tarek Bitar, the judicial investigator in the Beirut port explosion case, buried the truth of those responsible for the grieve of Beirut, those held accountable for expelling Lebanon from its Arab neighbors.

Recalling yesterday’s events, it appears that the German-made presidential car that transported the three presidents yesterday from Yarzeh to Baabda is not intended to travel among the Lebanese mines, so a search for a French-made car that Emmanuel Macron may gift to President Michel Aoun during his Gulf tour next week is underway. It is worth noting that he is scheduled to visit Doha at the same time as President Aoun. Will Macron save the government that was given birth under pressure in France?

According to the Prime Minister’s close sources, the latter is counting on French mediation, and he is packing his luggage to travel to Rome on Thursday to raise prayers on Lebanon’s behalf from there. Will the prayer be focused solely on Lebanon’s intentions, or would it include a plea for the soul of a government that died before it was born?

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