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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Nov. 30, 2021

A brief of today’s news bulletin:

  • Will Mikati’s new endeavor save his government from obstruction?
  • Despite warnings, the state is not ready to confront the fires
  • Will the Capital Control law save the depositors’ money?

Vienna’s negotiations are progressing slowly but in a steady way so far, but the situation in Lebanon is deteriorating day after another, the latest of which is the fire that erupted in Bchamoun. The Beirut Fire Brigade appealed to everyone who has the ability in and around Beirut to secure water for the fire engines. Is this allowed? Is it allowed in a country which is rich in water resources to plead for securing water from everywhere even for its institution? What kind of a state we are living in, which is incapable of fighting a fire confined in one area? Will a state which is unable to contain a natural fire be able of confronting the political, economic, financial, diplomatic, and perhaps security fires at a later time?

On the other hand, the stifling crises in Lebanon are at deadlock. The government’s obstacles are still in place, amid a total absence for any solution to George Kordahi’s case. Likewise, there is no solution for the President’s trials, as well as the ministers and deputies accused of the crime of Beirut port explosion. Officials are evading there responsibilities whether with Prime Minister Najib Mikati’s visit to the Vatican or with President Aoun’s visit to Qatar.

We all know that neither the Vatican nor Qatar is capable of achieving any change in the Lebanese reality. The problem is between Lebanon and its Arab neighbors, and his return to the Arab embrace, mainly Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Will the officials realize this fact and act accordingly, or will they continue to insist on burying their heads in the sand?

The latest official statistics confirm that the minimum wage should be around 14 million LBP, but how many Lebanese receive such salaries? Therefore, you irresponsible officials, beware of two things: the parliamentary elections and the revolution of starving people.

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