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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Nov. 3rd, 2021

A brief of today’s news bulletin:

  • Bou Habib besieges Mikati after Kordahi: The crisis with Saudi Arabia is not worth all this trouble
  • The Gulf crisis has dragged Lebanon out of Bahrain Jewelry Fair for the first time
  • Public taxi drivers blocked the roads in protest of the deteriorating living conditions

Prime Minister Najib Mikati returned to Beirut, but the cabinet sessions will not convene. The reason behind this situation is because there is no single government in Lebanon but several governments. Mikati has the ability to solve the crises, but he is absolutely not a Prime Minister!

The Prime Minister is supposed to be the decision maker, and the final word should be for him. But the performance of the ministers indicates that Mikati is the last to know the positions of his ministers. He condemned George Kordahi’s statement and tried to take measures against him, but in vain.

Mikati also listened to the Foreign Minister Abdullah Bou Habib’s statements without taking any measure, because he knows very well that he is handcuffed. Kordahi was nominated by ‘Marada Movement’, and thanks to his statements, he has become a red line for Hezbollah.

Abdullah Bou Habib was named by the President of the Republic, and thanks to his statements, he turned a red line for the Free Patriotic Movement and its leader, who want to sell their positions to Hezbollah. Between the two red lines thanks to the two Hezbollah allies, Najib Mikati cannot do anything except trying to call for a cabinet session, which all the facts confirm that it will not convene.

How can the Cabinet session convene as long as Hezbollah refuses to attend, and he returned to using the government’s card to bargain in the big regional game? This proves that Najib Mikati is an executioner and a victim at the same time. He is a victim of a totalitarian party, which is Hezbollah, the strong party in term of security, politics and the military, and imposes his control over the Lebanese Republic. Mikati is an executioner because he allows himself to become a “parafan” for this totalitarian party, and therefore increasing the suffering of the Lebanese.

Mikati’s sedatives and drugs will no longer work. Lebanon is in existential danger, and suffers from a fatal cancer that threatens its life. Either a surgical operation or a sluggish death, which is what is done by Mikati even without his knowledge.

Is this your mission, Prime Minister Mikati: to slaughter citizens by the Iranian-Persian cotton, so that we will die slowly thanks to your rescue government?

  • Sawt Beirut International