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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Nov. 6, 2021

Free Patriotic Movement: A Corrupt praising reforms!

In the power sector, like in practically every other, numbers are more reliable than words. In Lebanon’s electricity sector, the data are exact, obvious, and alarming all at the same time. The deficit of the Electricité du Liban accounts for approximately half of the public debt, or approximately fifty billion dollars. The majority of the aforementioned deficit has been accumulated in the last ten years, i.e. when the Free Patriotic Movement took over the government.

Nonetheless, those responsible of the Orange Movement proclaim innocence tirelessly, accusing others of corruption while totally omitting themselves from this charge! Did the present members read what a close friend and former member of their group, MP Chamel Roukoz, said? Roukoz revealed in a clear tweet that the cost of supplying gasoline per metric ton was cut from $77 to $27 as a result of transparent cooperation between the Minister of Energy and the tender administration.

According to sources, if the specified tender had been given its full legal period, and if it had not been concluded swiftly and within around ten days, the ministry would have received better offers at lower rates, as well as additional opportunities from a variety of organizations. The Director of the Tender Department, corroborated what Chamel Roukoz wrote in his tweet. Is this logical? Can anyone believe that during the Free Patriotic Movement mandate, we were paying twice the real price for gasoline? However, the current was and continues to boast arrogantly that it is the movement of change and reform? What kind of reforms and change are you referring to, members? It is sufficient to remind you that your Head has refused to cooperate with the tender administration for 10 years, in violation of all conventions and regulations, as well as the principles of true institutional activity.

If you truly want to achieve reforms, start with your Head, Gebran Bassil, and ask him why corruption spread in the Ministry of Energy under his tenure. Why should the government spend money on dubious transactions? Also, ask him about the agreement involving the two Turkish ships, as well as any additional deals! If he responds and you are convinced, we will recall the change and reform he talked about; otherwise, he will undoubtedly remain silent, and so should all of you, and stop praising reforms!

  • Sawt Beirut International