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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Oct. 10, 2021

A brief of today’s news bulletin:

  • The golf club in Beirut calls on the officials to lift up Iran’s hand
  • During the strong era, Lebanese are selling their organs to secure their livelihood
  • Can advanced medicine treat breast cancer?

Mikati and Bassil: A government to share formations and appointments!

Lebanon is moving from the government of “Together to Rescue” to an impotent government, and this was the first name the government gave to itself out of self-optimism. As for the second slogan, it was presented by Prime Minister Najib Mikati from the podium of the patriarchal edifice in Bkerke.

Between the two contradicting labels less than a month. “What happened?” It is clear that Mikati is in an impasse, and things that he set in mind to achieve a quick positive shock came with opposite results. The dollar is rising again on daily basis, as within four weeks from the formation of Mikatis government, it rose about 6,000 LBP or even more, which means that Mikati failed to put limits to the surge in dollar exchange rate.

The electricity file is even worse, as supply from the network has reached its lowest level since the inception of electricity in Lebanon, and the solutions are frail. Meetings in the Ministry of Energy and Water with the Grand Serail are many, while decisions are few, or even do not exist. This reminds us with Hassan Diab’s government, where his auspicious government produced only meetings and workshops!

The crises do not stop here, but rather reproduce: from the gas crisis, to the situation of public schools, to the reality of the Lebanese University. All are issues and crises that prove that the timely government has lost its momentum and was not at the required level. One thing that the assigned government may do is to make administrative, diplomatic, judicial and military appointments, the purpose of which is clear: to distribute the cheese between the political parties, especially as we are on the threshold of parliamentary elections. Sharing the cheese will be between two main groups: Najib Mikati and Gebran Bassil, because the two aspire to lead their sects at the gates of parliamentary elections.

In the final analysis, we are not facing the “Together to Rescue” government, but rather the government of Mikati, Bassil and their partners to distribute the spoils.

Congratulations to the Lebanese for the cheese-sharing government!!

  • Sawt Beirut International