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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Oct. 9, 2021

Under the candlelight, the new cabinet is working to save the country!!

There has been a shift. The diplomatic movement toward Lebanon is becoming more intense, and it is gradually reverting to its prior phase. Germany, France, Iran, and the United States of America were among the influential countries that participated successively. Even Saudi Arabia, which had avoided interfering in Lebanese affairs throughout this time, delegated its Ambassador to Lebanon to keep a careful eye on its latest developments.

As a result, we are in a new diplomatic phase, but is there a deep political shift that corresponds to the new diplomatic phase’s characteristics? Nothing has changed, at least so far. President Najib Mikati went on a lot of visits, spreading his interests over the country, but the results aren’t encouraging. He is unable of taking initiative and even… announcing a stance in the court file, for example! Bkirki requested yesterday that Mikati take a firm stance in the legal investigations into the port crime, and that Tarek Bitar be supported to the end in what he is doing, especially given the direct threat he received from Hezbollah.

However, Mikati’s response was limited to generalities, indicating that the prime minister is unable to express a single “no” word in the face of the party in charge of the state’s powers… Another issue raises concerns about the government’s performance, and this time it includes an economic-social component. How will Najib Mikati and his ministers respond to the International Fund’s demands? Is he allowed to make decisions and take actions?

Hezbollah’s stance on negotiating with the fund, as well as most of the fund’s demands, is well known. Is it conceivable for Mikati to reconcile between an international fund and a party that refuses to acknowledge international institutions, let alone international legitimacy? The worldwide darkness is knocking on the doors to celebrate the success of the “Together to Save” government while waiting for the difficult answer.

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